This section lists early operating systems of the 1950s and early1960s that are primarily of historical interest. Most of these systems were batch systems or single job monitors for large computers. Early examples of other categories, such as timesharing, minicomputer, or real-time systems, are listed with their respective sections.

Operating system for the Honeywell 800/1800. Early 1960s [Bouvard 1964].
Atlas I Supervisor
Supervisor Program for the first computer designed to use an operating system. Introduced system calls and virtual storage. U. of Manchester, mid 1960s [Kilburn et al 1961, Howarth et al 1961].
B1, B2, B3, B4
Operating Systems for NCR Century series computers. Early 1960s [Datapro 1974].
Basic Executive System
Memory-based real-time executive for the IBM 1710. Early 1960s [Harrison et al 1981].
FORTRAN Monitor system. Operating System developed by North American Aviation for the IBM 709. Late 1950s [Weizer 1981, Bashe et al 1986].
A very early operating system developed by General Motors for the IBM 701. Unnamed. About 1955 [Steel 1964].
Honeywell Executive System. Operating System for the Honeywell 800. Early 1960s [Bouvard 1964].
IBM 1410/1710 OS
OS for the IBM 1410/1710. Early 1960s [Barnett & Fitzgerald 1964].
Predecessor to IBM OS/360 for 709x architectures. Early 1960s. [IBM 1963].
Input Output Selector
An IO Control System for the DDP-116 minicomputer. One of the earliest OSs for minis. Mid 1960s [Koudela 1973].
Input Output System
A very early operating system developed by General Motors and North American Aviation for the IBM-704. About 1956. [Steel 1964, Bashe et al 1986].
Input Output Control System. An early I/O Executive for the IBM 7090. About 1960.
Semi-Automatic Business Related Environment. The first major transaction processing system, developed by IBM and American Airlines for the IBM 7090. Early 1960s [Jarema & Sussenguth 1981].
Semi-Automatic Ground Environment system. Control Program for IBM AN/FSQ7 to monitor weapons systems. First real-time control system. Late 1950s [Everett et al 1957].
Operating System developed by the IBM SHARE Users Group for the 709. Late 1950s [Shell et al 1959].