XIN LI Professor, Lane Dept of CSEE, West Virginia University


PhD from EE Princeton University, 2000
BS from USTC, 1996

Working Experience

Member of Technical Staff, Sharp Labs of America, 2000-2002
Assistant Professor, LDCSEE, WVU, 2003-2008
Associate Professor, LDCSEE, WVU, 2009-2014

Professor, LDCSEE, WVU,


Professional Activities

IEEE SM'2008, Fellow'2016
Associate Editor for IEEE TIP and TCSVT
Member of IEEE IVMSP TC, 2011-2016

Recent PhD Graduates

Congxia Dai'2007 (now with Apple)
Yunfei Zheng'2008 (now with Apple)
Ayman Abaza'2008 (now with WVHTC)

Qiang Hao'2012 (now with General Welfare)


Mail: Lane Department of CSEE
West Virginia University, PO Box 6109
Morgantown, WV 26506

Phone: (304)293-9125

Fax: (304) 293-8602