Cyber Physical Systems Lab
Department of Computer Science & Electrical Engineering
West Virginia University

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Visit the pages of IEEE Connected Vehicle Initiative for latest news on connected vehicles.

See a demo of our Vehicle-to-Pedestrian safety system :

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Principal Investigator: 


          Dr. Yaser P. Fallah

Research Interests:
* Cyber Physical Systems (CPS), Networked Embedded Systems
 * Content Aware Information Networking for CPS (NSF CAREER)
 * Intelligent Transportation Systems, Vehicle Safety, Vehicular Communication
 * Computer Networks, Wireless and Mobile Communications


Cyber Physical Systems Lab (CPSL) at West Virginia University is led by prof. Yaser P. Fallah ( CV ).
CPSL is engaged in research on a variety of topics that fall under the general subject of Cyber Physical Systems, but targets applications in areas of transportation safety, energy efficiency and intelligent distributed systems.

While research on CPS subjects spans a very wide spectrum of topics, we focus on "Systems" and "Information Networking" related topics such as modeling, description and control of networks of systems, and their related physical phenomena. Please visit the research project pages for detailed description of our work.

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